The Project

Buddies Elementary School was founded in 2009 by the collaboration of five families, wishing to offer their children the opportunity to continue learning the language naturally and effortlessly, as occurred during the years of attendance of kindergarten Buddies. They have decided to venture into a new venture for the Turin reality: the creation of the first (and to date only) Primary School that offers its students the Italian ministerial programs conducted in English language.

The company is given immediately the aim of offering services to the families of excellence to 360°, from the teaching plan, the choice of the most comfortable and ergonomic furniture, the use of a canteen service brewed every morning, ready to satisfy nutritional needs specifications, offering a panorama of school and extracurricular activities more and more rich, engaging and interesting.

Buddies Elementary School’s objective is to continue to improve the service and to enrich the educational and extracurricular proposal, in an effort to always being able to stimulate, interest and excite children and to meet the needs of families